Cat/ Kitten Name: _______________

Date of Birth: _______________

Color: _______________

Sex: _______________

Price: _______________

Seller: _______________

Breeder or Pet: _______________

Sire: _______________


Date of Sale: _______________

Purchase Amount: _______________

The purpose of this contract is to protect all parties: the purchaser, the seller, and the cat or kitten. If there are any problems, questions, concerns, or issues that you need help with, Xquisites is always here. We want the adoptive parent(s) and/or family to be completely happy with the new kitten and his or her transition to the new home. Transitioning is easy for some kittens but more difficult for others, and kittens/cats handle stress in various ways. If there are ANY issues please contact me and I will provide you with all the help I can to make this time easier for the new parents and the kitten.

Health Test Guarantee *We guarantee the results of these tests until you leave our premises where contact with sources out with our controlled environment can introduce infections and diseases. See 4 below. * Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) *Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV): Negative

Sales Agreement binds both parties as follows: “You” – The buyer & “We, Our, us”– The Seller & Kitten, Cat – The subject being sold

1. Resale

If for any reason the buyer can no longer offer a home to the kitten, the buyer agrees to obtain permission to sell the named kitten from the seller and offer it back to the seller before proceeding with a sale or be liable for the full purchase price named above in “Price” to the seller.

INITIAL __________

2. 72 Hour Health Check

You are required to take your kitten to your own Veterinarian within 72 hours of leaving our premises. The purpose of this visit is to ensure you and your veterinarian are satisfied that the kitten is in perfect health and there are no visible genetic faults. If your Veterinarian finds any fault or issue that our own Veterinarian has not been aware of then we will happily accept your kitten back and give you a full refund, provided that the kitten is back with us within 3 days after departing at the buyers expense. Failure to return the kitten within this time period will mean no refunds will be offered. If your kitten should fall ill after 72 hours then we request that you contact your Veterinarian in the first instance and then us to discuss an action plan. We will not be held responsible for any veterinary fees incurred after you have left the premises. After you have owned the cat for 72 hours, we will not accept the cat back for a replacement when the next kitten becomes available unless there is a proven structural abnormality with the kitten and only IF the kitten is tested for an upper respiratory panel and a fecal panel via our Veterinarian. The kitten must be negative on both tests for us to take the kitten back and validate a replacement guarantee. Proof was given that your kitten was clear on departure so we cannot accept it back with anything other than a reflection of the test results given. All scan documents and any x-rays/ vet reports must be submitted to our Veterinarian for review before we will commit to a return and replace. INITIAL _____

3. Indoor Only or in a protected cat run

We will only sell kittens to indoor only homes. Your cat can live a long and happy life indoors providing you give them toys, annual vet checks and vaccination boosters, companionship and a good diet. They can have the best of both worlds with an outdoor cat run. We do stipulate that if you do want to let your cat outside into a cat run then it MUST be protected from the ground to 1 meter in height with Perspex or other similar barrier. If you have anything otherwise, pets that do get outside who will be mixing with your kitten or choose not to place a barrier from potential infection then you MUST vaccinate against FeLV ANNUALLY or BI-ANNUALLY for the health guarantee to be valid. INITIAL _____

4. Health Guarantee

Your kittens parents have been tested as outlined above and has been proven clear of any problems. We carefully manage infection control and regularly test all our cats to try and ensure we have the cleanest, safest breeding and pet cats. Once you leave our premises the kitten may become exposed to various infections or diseases shown above through the air, other pets or from your clothes or shoes when travelling in and out of your home. We will not be responsible for any kitten who should fall ill that has been let outside in the open world. If your kitten goes on to develop any genetic fault within 1 years of age and it proves to be fatal, we will replace the cat at no cost to the buyer when the next one becomes available. A post mortem will be required and the buyer must cover expenses. Your Veterinarian must be willing to discuss their findings with our Veterinarian to validate this guarantee. No cash refund will be given under any circumstances. INITIAL _____

5. Pet Agreement

You are not allowed to breed from this cat unless it has been registered by us on the active register with TICA. If your cat has been sold on the inactive register then it MUST be neutered or spayed by the time it is 5 months of age and proof of said surgery must be provided by the buyers Veterinarian. We will then provide the registration papers. Again I emphasize, You are not allowed to breed this cat unless purchased as a breeder. Registration papers will be provided after buyer provides seller with proof of spay or neuter from a Veterinarian. This contract binds seller to the responsibility of relinquishing the registration papers to buyer once proof of neuter/spay is received. INITIAL _____

6. Settling In

Your new baby kitten will take a few days to come round and feel back to their usual self. They have been used to litter mates jumping on them, playing at all hours of the night and best of all – Mommy! Now with no friends, no mom and being taken to a strange place you new baby will be feeling a bit scared. Try to put them in a room on their own such as a utility room. Ensure you remove all chemicals and close toilet lids i.e. “kitten proof” the room. It is recommended they be placed in there for at least 3 days depending on their progress. It may need to be longer. Your kitten may exhibit stress signs through an upset tummy. This should settle down by the first week. As we’ve said above – your cat has been fully tested for everything so if there are any signs of an upset tummy then it will be down to the move or if you have changed their diet. Please ensure you have fresh water available at all times for your new kitten and change twice daily. Once you get your kitten home try and give them some time alone. A couple of days with various visits to their room will help your kitten realize that everything it okay and there is nothing to be scared of. Once the kitten is settled with you and demonstrates a happiness to see you with purrs, puffy tail and back, along with possibly chatting to you, they are ready to explore the rest of the house. Always introduce other pets to your kitten gradually and ALWAYS supervise. It is natural for your kitten to puff up and growl or spit to show they are defending themselves and your pet may do this also. Try not to intervene heavily and keep a calm, encourage voice telling them it is okay. It CAN take a few MONTHS for your kitten to be fully accepted in a house with pets already there. Animals do have a hierarchy system and is a natural process for them to let each other know where they belong in that system! Try to be confident and calm as animals do feed off our actions and energy.


7 Quarantine

It is important that you give your kitten time to adjust to its new surroundings and of course it’s new parent(s) too! The buyer agrees to quarantine the animal in a safe, quiet room for a minimum period of 2 weeks from the date of sale completion and the animal being taken home/ delivered. Failure to quarantine will void the health guarantee. Quarantine equals: Room with no other animals, no gaps to touch noses or paws with other animals i.e., under doors. INITIAL _____


A non-refundable deposit of $_____ is required for purchase of the cat/kitten. Should the purchaser, after having paid the deposit, decide against purchasing the kitten, he or she forfeits the deposit. The kitten or cat will be temporarily reserved for three days once the seller is given notice that the purchaser is sending the deposit. If the deposit is not received within three days the temporary reservation will cease. The deposit will be deducted from final price should buyer purchase. The deposit will hold the kitten until he/she is 14 weeks of age. If buyer does not pick up or make arrangements to have kitten shipped by the age of 14 weeks the buyer forfeits the deposit and the hold of kitten is lifted. INITIAL_____

9. Legal Jurisdiction

If there are any disputes arising regarding this contract or in relation to the above mentioned animal, then the legal proceedings must take place in Hinesville Ga and comply with Georgia Law. If the Seller must pursue the buyer if they become in breach of this contract then the Buyer agrees to pay the Sellers costs in relation to any fees associated with pursuing the case. INITIAL_____

I agree to be bound by the terms in this agreement:

DATE: __________

Seller(s): Sign here>____________________

Seller(s): Print here>____________________

Buyer(s): Sign here> ____________________

Buyer(s): Print here>____________________

Buyers address: _______________________________________

Buyers Phone:____________________

E-mail: ___________________

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